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A cybersecurity mentorship platform for Africa.
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The project gathers cybersecurity professionals of African-descent in different domains and at different levels, as mentors and mentees, to foster relationships; experience, knowledge and skills exchanges. OCMP will foster menteeā€™s professional and career growth; give them confidence to address and overcome current and near-future challenges; empower them to take actions and pursue opportunities that matter; inspire self-awareness and keep them grounded; empower paradigm shift and growth mindset enabling them to progress, create and add value and be meaningful contributors in their roles and industry.

Mentors will reflect upon their journeys, mold and practice their mentoring competency and offer vital individual and tribal advice for professional, career and personal growth of the mentees.

Mentorship Experience

There are two main components to the Experience:

Direct Mentorship

  • Mentees and mentors will have one-on-one, ongoing dialogue through phone calls, video chats or in-person meetings (if permitted by the public health guidelines)

  • Mentor-Mentee relationships are personal, anchored on some commonalities and best-fit factors. The focus of the direct mentorship will be based on the needs of individual mentees. Mentors will provide support and advice to help mentees put their feet on the ground; cheer and inspire confidence; and point them in the right directions.


  • Mentees and Mentors will attend Mentees- and Mentors-only meet-ups; information sessions on cybersecurity companies hosted by mentors and open cyber mentorship sessions (public).

  • The info and monthly open cyber mentorship sessions might be themed to address specific areas

  • Mentees and their mentors will participate in our cybersecurity education and workforce events.

General Focus Areas

  • Career planning

  • Knowledge, skills and competence development

  • Current professional challenges and opportunities

  • Mental and psychological support

  • Personal branding and positioning

  • And more


Mentor Eligibility

  • African cybersecurity professionals living in and outside Africa

  • Must be able to meet with their mentee(s) for two hours, fortnightly, as part of direct mentorship

  • English or French speaking

  • A computer and stable internet is required

Mentee Eligibility

  • Africans living in Africa

  • Must have 1- 4 years experience in cybersecurity

  • Must be able to meet with their mentor for two hours, fortnightly, as part of direct mentorship

  • English or French speaking

  • A computer and stable internet is required

Monthly Mentorship Sessions
ocmp aug 21
August 2021

The session considers the applied soft and business skills cyber pros need; the changing competencies needed by modern orgs; how you can develop and demonstrate soft skills.

May 2021

The special guest, Joan Thuo, an Expert Career Coach explains the ins & outs of CV crafting,  creating and positioning one's personal brand for career success.

OMSession 2
April 2021

This session addresses interviews; what to consider, how to prepare, what recruiters are looking for and hacking that next interview. With some useful Q&A.

March 2021
March 2021

This session focuses on starting in cybersecurity; role of personal branding and relationships in growing in the field. Find some resources and tools to help you start.

Mentorship Resources
  • We rise by lifting others: 3 key mentoring tips for cyber & tech professionals. Read

  • Why Does Cybersecurity Mentorship Matter? Listen 


  • Mentors Building Mentors: Closing The Cybersecurity Skills Gap. Read

  • Security Pros Need a Mentor: Here's Why and How. Read 

  • Cybersecurity Newbie: How do I find an in-person mentor without a BS in Computer Science? Plus general career questions. Read

  • Beyond IT: Finding a Mentor to Help Guide Your Cybersecurity Career. Read

  • Why Cybersecurity Professionals Need Mentorship. Read

  • The Role and Impact of Cyber Security Mentoring. Read

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Business people working in high-end modern office
OCMP Cohort 1

July 5th - Sept. 24th
Mentors: 33  | Mentees: 35
Professional titles

Director, Manager, Founder, Consultant, Security Advisor, Team Lead, Regional Security Head, Head, Information Security and Business Continuity

Vice-president, Regional Information Security Lead, Analyst, Information Security Manager, Senior Network Engineer, Specialist, SoC Analyst/Pentester,

Consultant, Ethical hacker, penetration tester, Access Control Admin, Technology Lead, Project Lead, Cybersecurity Fellow, CIO, Operations Specialist

Countries Represented

Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Mozambique, Gambia, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Morocco, Tanzania

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