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Education and Workforce Program

Fostering cyber knowledge, skills and workforce development in Africa

Cyber In Africa’s consolidated effort to foster cybersecurity knowledge, skills and competencies development in Africa. The program gathers talent, material resources and strategic networks, opportunities and collaborations to power human capacity development in cybersecurity.

Serianu Ltd. predicts that the African cyber skills shortage will reach 100,000 by 2020, and that by concentrating on hands-on, local-focused training, markets throughout the continent can rise to the majority mobile threats that they face.

Training workers in data encryption and cybersecurity are priorities as businesses accelerate the adoption of new technologies, according to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2020. But there's a global shortage of around 4 million skilled workers to fill cybersecurity jobs, leading professional body (ISC)2 showed in 2019.

Key Projects
Workforce Summit

All about the human element of talent development, sourcing, education, state of the workforce, careers and stories from the frontlines.

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Cyber Pro Stories

This is an interview series capturing the personal, professional and career stories of cybersecurity professionals in Africa. The journeys, experiences paying forward & more

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A cybersecurity mentorship platform for Africa. Gathering African pros globally to foster relationships; experience and knowledge exchanges.

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Short live classes focused on out-of-the-box security topics to build local African human resource and community.

Learn from the Masters

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